Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Life Journey

Assalamualaikum and hye people!!!

"There's always a journey in your lifetime from start to end, there's always going to be negative and positive paths you will take but most of all will be the people you will meet that will leave footprints in heart".Our life journey began since we know the world.Our life was like a white canvas that does not have any dirt on it.Time by time, day by day, month by month,year by year .... we have colored our canvas with various color codes ... sometimes black .. red .. blue .. purple .. etc ...this showed that sometimes we faced with negative situation and vice versa...it reflect our personality...so for me we have to stay positive dalam meneruskan kehidupan.Mati itu pasti..akan tetapi itu semua merupakan rahsia Allah.Jadi sebagai seorang hamba dan manusia biasa..kita perlu meneruskan kehidupan kita seperti biasa.

    No matter where life takes you, don't forget where you came from.This is a reminder for me too.I'm just 18 and people might say that I still have a long journey.We didnt know tentang rezeki seseorang itu,maybe si A will be rich dan si B hidup dalam keadaan yang sederhana. Whatever it is, we have to remember where we come from.Believe in what goes around comes around..treat everyone tak kira status,pangkat etc dengan sama rata because the people that we meet on our way to the top...we gonna meet them on the way down..so jangan menyombong..jangan menjunjung ego kita terlalu tinggi..kita perlu mendongak ke langit which is to achieve our dreams...and sesekali kita perlu tunduk ke bawah...tunduk ke bawah bukan bermaksud kita jatuh tetapi untuk kita menghargai,menilai dan memuhasabah diri kita so that kita tidak lupa asal usul.So now, just pray to God so agar kita sentiasa berpijak di atas bumi yang nyata dan tidak terlalai di alam fantasi.

   Don't confuse your path with your destination just because it's stormy now doesn't mean you aren't headed for sunshine.We get all the musibah or kesusahan in our life.God gives us all the difficulties to test us adakah kita merupakan hamba yang sabar dan redha dengan ketentuan atau sebaliknya.I know and sure that we will feel  that hidup kita akan menjadi gelap gelita apabila ditimpa musibah e.g. kematian ahli keluarga..putus cinta..gagal exam etc..God has a plan for your life.God always provides a way for YOU to handle the difficulties in YOUR life through His grace and providence,so have faith people!!!Dont give up easily,believe that God always supplies.God always provides.So stop worrying.But yeah kita perlu ingat 'kau jauh aku jauh,kau dekat aku dekat'means..dont ever forget your God in your life..lakukan apa yang disuruh dan tinggalkan apa yang dilarang.

  Everything in life happens for a reason, no matter how hard or how unfair it may be something better will always come out of it.Always keep your faith in God no matter how low you are brought, how bad things may get..God is with you..he hears your prayers and he WILL help you through it.InsyaAllah we can face all the challenge and difficulties in our life.May God bless us.

Thanks for reading-fifielvira

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